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Spiral Staircases
DecIron presents....

Precast Tread Steel Stair System

We deliver nationwide!

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Rhett at Wardlaw, Greenville, SC
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Structural Steel, staircases, miscellaneous steel.

We Take Off! We Manufacture! : U-Install! YOU SAVE!
We have reduced to a minimum the installation process!

Easy Mounting
All Parts Are Provided
Concrete Treads Are Included
Meets All Standard Codes
Engineering Available In NC
Primed or Powder Coated
Ships Nationally Flat Bed To Job site
Depending On Location, Installation Available In NC and Other States
No Welding Required*

We deliver nationwide!
Call now: 1877-803-2282

Zion Stair

Total Rise 10 ft (can be adjusted to your need) Ready for tile or slate.

Ships Primed ready for painting. Includes two brackets for the top landing and one post for the lower landing.

Stringers 10 x 2 - Heave gauge tubing - Top Rail 2" molded cap - Bottom Rail 1-1/2 x 3/8 flat bar - Knuckle pickets or any other selection.

Builders pricing available.


Curved staircase

contractors call for pricing

* 1 5/8 heavy pipe stringers, 11 ft total raise (custom available), 11 g.a treads with anti slippery pad,

    * 2" posts with decorative short lam's tongue (elongated tongue available)
    * 1 5/8" molded cap and 3/4 inch pickets with knuckle every third step, extends 12 ft from deck.
    * Railing can be customized to any design (call for pricing)
    contractors call for pricing

    King David's

    Ornamental staircase

    contractors call for pricing

    These stairs fit in a 20 foot truck and was installed in 4 days,

    later on, the builder installed the slate.

    It was designed by us to be installed by welders using a sketch provided by the owner.

    We have come up with a design to be shipped partially assembled, with no welding needed. Just nuts and bolts.

    * Price based on 11 ft total landing
    * Ready for slate or concrete
    * 1 5/8 molded cap rail
    * Includes 2 landings, 3" square posts an elongated lamb's tongues
    * Assembles in 4 hours
    * Ring band or cast iron scroll band upon request
    *Any railing design upon request.
    * Includes fancy starter step and lamb's tongue
    * Matching railing available.


    Ships within eight weeks.

    James Set

    Ornamental staircase

    contractors call for pricing

    Ships Fully assembled without tile
    This staircase has 9 x 6 inch risers up to landing
    Total access height is 60 inches from F.F to F.F
    Tread: 12 inches. Riser: 6 inches (complies 24-25 rule)
    Width 42 inches outside to outside
    Railing available separately
    Platform 42 x 42 square
    Ships ready for slate, tile or concrete
    available with checker plate
    available with any railing design
    Local (NC) installation available


    Straight run ornamental metal stairs

    contractors call for pricing

    * Price based on 11 ft. total raise

    * Width: 42 inches outside to outside

    * Ships fully assembled

    * Ready for tile, slate or concrete

    * Hammered pickets railings

    * Matching railings available

    * Planters available

    * Decorative cast iron raisers

    * 1 5/8 cap rail