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Any DECIRON product is guaranteed for life. However this warranty has to be understood under certain specific limitations and definitions.

Definition of lifetime:

This term refers to the life of the company Decorative Iron NC Inc., as long as we are in business, this warranty is valid.

Definition of Product:

Any iron product that is sold with the exception of those sold “as is”, on clearance or at a discounted price, because it is defective or given as compensation, therefore not sold on a regular transaction.

However, it includes replacement products given in exchange for a defective one or as part of a warranty claim.


We guarantee that the product you have purchased from our company on the following terms and limitations:


We are fully insured and our freight carrier is also, therefore any products bought from us are guaranteed to arrive harmless. Otherwise a claim should be issued on a timely manner, meaning at the moment when the product arrives or immediately after the box or crate has been opened.

In order to get reimbursed or the product replaced, the customer has to allow enough time for any inspections required by our insurer or our forwarder's insurer. If the customer orders the repair of the damaged product without our express and written consent, this warranty is null.

All claims should be made in writing via Email, along with pictures of the uninstalled product.


During the first three months after installation, we require that the customer watches for scratches or any other paint defects and remediate them immediately.

Reasonable care is also responsibility of the purchaser; for instance, the product should be cleaned periodically to avoid clay stains that resemble oxidation. This is specially true for outside products.

The trafficable surface on the platforms is not covered against scratches and normal wear and tear. The surface is not intended for shoe traffic. We advise that floors should be covered with epoxy paint, vinyl or any other floor product,if the floor is going to be walked on with shoes.

If anyways the product shows rust spots, it is the customers’ responsibility to inform us of the matter within one year of the invoice date. If so, we will send a repair crew and remediate the problem at no cost. This only applies to local jobs; other actions are taken with out of town jobs.

After one year we will charge 75% of our regular rate plus materials.

Once the product has been re-painted by us the warranty renews automatically for another year. If repair was made by a third party, we our warranty has reached its limit.


We transfer the warranty of the manufacturer, which is 2 years. However all painted surfaces needs to be cleaned periodically as a basic upkeep. If this is neglected and the paint appears stained because of dust collections, this warranty may not apply. Touch-up paint is available only through the supplier, because we are not able to ship hazardous paint.

Please refer to our “basic maintenance recommendations” brochure for additional information.


Welds are guaranteed not to break, except for misuse; meaning anything other than regular use.


We guarantee that our products exceed the International Building code requirements and that super exceeds industry safety standards.

However proof of proper installation is required for any future claims. Therefore, the installer must be approved by our company or a video of the installation must be submitted to us for our records. Your local engineer needs to approve the wall where the product is going to be installed, to ensure safety.

We do not warranty, and our insurance does not cover, the wall quality. It is the installation contractor’s, or the customer’s responsibility to provide a quality framing or concrete wall. If it is old construction, an inspection should be made to the wall and we need to be notified of the results of the said inspection.

Any failures or damages due to a defect of our product are covered by our Liability Insurance.

If our installation crew did the job, we guarantee that the installation is safe and until the wall stays in reasonably good condition. If there is future water damage, termites, or any other deterioration in the walls holding the balcony or railings, our company is not responsible for any damages.


We guarantee that the product shown online is very similar to the one you will get. With time our products are improved and slight differences might be noticed.

Any mistakes from our side on custom specs given to us in writing, or acknowledged on the invoice (contract) will be resolved on a case by case basis. We guarantee that our customers will be satisfied with the solution, which could include replacement, and repair, full or partial refund.


In case you need to return an item, this is our policy:

Products damaged in transit are fully insured, therefore we will replace any damaged product. Product sent incorrectly may be returned and will replaced at our expense. Defective or damaged products will be repaired or replaced at our discretion, to your satisfaction. If the product is defective beyond repair, we will replace it.

To ensure all fairness in our dealings, we will put a price on the repair needed and we will send you a check.

If you just don't have a need for the product anymore and you want to return it, we will take it back less the shipping charges and 30% restocking fee.

If you cancel the order before the product has been fabricated, we will refund the money less a small percentage if you paid with a credit card. This fee is charged to us on every return.


Custom made products cannot be replaced.

Return policy: Decorative Iron Of North Carolina offers the following Returns Policy: Products damaged in transit are fully insured. We will replace the damaged product. Products send incorrectly will be returned and replaced at our expense. Defective products will be repaired or replaced at our discretion, to your satisfaction. If you are still not satisfied with your purchase or you just don't want the product anymore, you may return the item at your expense and charges will be refunded by check by mail less 30% restocking fee and shipping charges. Custom made products can not be returned. Cancelled orders: If you decide to cancel the order before we have fabricated it or shipped, we will refund the money less a small percentage if you paid with a credit card. This fee is charged to us on every return. Thanks for your understanding.


If repairs need to be made to a defective product, our company requires digital images of the needed repairs. One of our estimators will assess the damages, and calculate a fair amount to be reimbursed to the customer to take care of the repairs.

This amount will be based on $30 per hour plus materials for paint repairs and $55/hour for welding repairs.


Our company believes in good faith and fairness, and wants to satisfy every customer. Any reasonable claims will be accepted and granted.

Our products are built conscientiously and in a professional manner.

We guarantee you are going to be treated the same way we wish others treat us.

Pedro L. Sánchez

Owner of Decorative Iron NC Inc.